Devin Diaz

Getting pregnant at a time in my life when I wasn’t ready and when I was in such an unstable relationship was one of the hardest challenges I had faced. Facing constant ridicule from my own family and friends because I was the girl that always said I’d never have kids,I made the best of the situation I was in and continued to move through life.

A few months after giving birth to my beautiful daughter I was hit with the darkest depression I’d ever known. I spent months completely ignoring everything around me and hyper focused all my energy and attention into caring for my daughter. I’d look at myself in the mirror and break down because I had no idea who I was looking at.

Five months postpartum I became a single mother. Battling postpartum depression and heartbreak almost broke me. I searched for anything and anyone to help me out of the hardest emotional trauma I had ever faced. I found Empowered Mums through Instagram and reached out to the Founder Amy. Amy helped me through my breakdowns and mentored me through my toughest days. My gratitude for her and her mission to help other Women inspired me to want to become apart of it all.

I made a promise to myself to pay it forward and help aid in the healing process of other women going through or that have gone through what I did or worse. I’m excited to continue in my healing journey by helping others through theirs. 


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